Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Graduate - Review

TheGraduate_Cover.jpg I have the worst luck sometimes. Seriously. I haven't lost my wallet, keys, or car (it's true I have lost my car - don't ask, it's a long story) for a LONG time, so I guess karma has to get me in other areas of my life. A couple of weeks ago, I sat patiently for two hours to hear Albert Hammond Jr., and by the time they came on, I could only stay for a couple of songs because I had work/school the next day. Last week, Headlights didn't come on for an hour after I got there and I even showed up late. Last night The Graduate's concert actually started on time. That wouldn't make a big difference if The Graduate would have played second or third in the line-up. For some mysterious reason, that's when I thought they were playing but in all reality they were first. FIRST! Imagine my surprise when I showed up late.

If you didn't know already, I'm from California, so for most of these concerts I am new to the venue as well. I do a lot of research before I go so I don't wind up with any surprises. Since last night's concert was in the First Unitarian Church, all I googled was the church's address. I forgot to search where you actually walk in to the building. My wife dropped me off at the corner of 22nd and Chesnut. Nothing. No sign of a concert anywhere. Crap. I didn't know where to go. Finally I saw this stereotypical punk kid talking on his cell. (Come to find out he was the drummer for the second band that played.) I followed him down the block and I finally found the door. That's when I heard The Graduate playing one of my favorite tracks, "Anhedonia". At least I didn't miss that!

Their set list:
1. Interlude/Dopplerganger
2. Stay The Same
3. Anhedonia
4. Sit & Sink
5. The City That Reads

Overall the rest of the show rocked! Great energy; awesome songs. I already told you how good their first record was and it translated quite nicely to the live setting. Corey Warning's vocals were spot-on. There weren't many people there, probably 50 tops. There was a wide variety of ages at the show and they all seemed to really enjoy it. The concert was so chill that in between sets most of the musicians were outside chilling with the fans. Actually it was hard to figure out who the musicians were next to their fans. I almost walked into Warning as I was exiting. I totally did a total double-take. Not your usual security you see at concerts. It was nice. It actually felt like they cared about what they were doing. I just bet that this isn't going to last for long. Soon they will be in arenas with security guards and $50 dollar tickets. I think I actually prefer them in the basement of a church.

They are coming back to to Philadelphia on Friday, June 15th at the First Unitarian Church. If you missed their show last night, then buy your tickets for their show and get there early so you don't miss a beat. It will be worth it. Hopefully their set will be a bit longer than just five songs next time. First, pick up their new CD, Anhedonia and get acquainted with Warning's engaging vocals and their catchy rock beats. If you are a fan of Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Punchline and +44, you'll love The Graduate.

Photo courtesy of ICON MES

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