Sunday, September 12, 2010


Some of you might have noticed that we've recently (or not so recently, it's been a couple of months) stopped posting. Sorry about that...

Life just got to busy to keep up with the daily maintenance of the site.

I started this website 4 years ago and loved every second, and I hope to come back to blogging here some day, but for now, I've got to focus on a few other things.

So thank you for reading, and I'll keep everything up so you can peruse the archives. There's some good stuff in there!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dirty Clubs and Gritty Demos, Vol 30 - Cause a Scene - Out Tuesday

Bright and Barrow records is making their mark in punk rock by defining their voice though their compilation, Cause a Scene. Cause a Scene is a comp in the old school spirit of comps. I found myself anxiously awaiting the next track like I used to do in middle school when the newest Epitaph or Fat Wreck Chords comp came out.

Featuring only bands from New York and New Jersey, this comp not only causes a scene but defines one. It demonstrates that pop-punk is alive and well, and can still survive even when it is more punk than pop. Each band featured on Cause a Scene comp are solid yet retain their grit, with a mix of old school and new school.

The coarse genuine vocals of Wax Phantom’s See-Thru will no doubt resonate by any Hot Water Music or Avail fan and The Graveyard School’s trash punk will pull in fans of The Nerve Agents and Cramps alike.

The Banquets (ex Let Me Run), A Clear Blurr, and The Reveling give hope in the new school sound, Goin’ Places let the pop saturate their punk (think MTX) and pull it off, while Up for Nothing, The Mighty Pragmatics, and Wax Phantom continue in the tradition of hard, fast, old school punk.

For me, the true merit of a comp is, “Will I go out at buy at least three of these artists’ albums?” And the answer “Yes.”

Cause a Scene out Tuesday from Bright and Barrow Records. The best $5 you’ll spend this month. Digital download only, get at Bright and Barrow’s site.

Album release show is set for September 3rd at Arlene’s Grocery with Banquets The Tattle Tales, and more

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dirty Clubs and Gritty Demos, Vol 29 - The Have Nots

Ska chords were designed to make you move. They grab your attention and carry you along whether you you want to or not. And punk was designed to provide the a voice to the typically voiceless. The Have Nots have manipulated these two genres to their advantage in voicing their critique on modern consumer society in their album Serf City USA. In the vein of the Clash, Op Ivy, and Rancid, the Have Nots translate their beliefs through passionate three minute bursts. They have stripped down music to a way of life and not a way to make a living. It takes it back to small clubs and bars playing to a crowd of like-minded punks.

This record is a promising debut with great moments of mic distortion, guttural vocals, and the select instances of harmony.

Serf City USA is available for free download over at Paper + Plastic Records, just click here. You have nothing to lose and a social conscious to gain.

Their myspace as some fun photos and a list of tour dates. And if you can't wait for them to get to you, here is a video from their recent tour opening up for the Dropkick Murphys.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dirty Clubs and Gritty Demos, Vol 28 - Win a signed guitar

Wilhelm Scream is giving away a signed Xaviere X-580 guitar.

Head to the Revolver Magazine site to enter. Cut off date to enter is July 7th.

If you have been living in a cave and are not already familiar with A Wilhelm Scream check out some some of their videos they have posted on their
myspace and website. (Myspace is way more up to date).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dirty Clubs and Gritty Demos, Vol 27 - Stewart

Before I ever listened to Stewart I read a short discussion with singer/songwriter Andrea Tarka regarding the title of their new album, Kicks. When asked about the title she says, “Kicks can mean having a great time. You can kick someone, or something. You can relax and just kick it. Or kicks can refer to excitement, a ball game, or shoes. Anything really.” This consciousness of the play of language instantly excited me to discover how that play of language was present on the album.

I was not disappointed once I listened to the album. Along with subtle references to early punk songs and literary giants, the songs on Kicks run the same gambit as the connotations of the word. Stewart has found a unique balance of fierce guitars, hard drum beats, and super catchy vocals. Each track on this album from the super catchy “Dance with Me” to the somber “Gone” to the punkier “Same to You” all assert their claim to be present on the record. Each track is allowed to breath and come into its own, and in turn, creates a very natural yet diverse album.

This is an album that can pick you up from a dull mood, and make its way somewhere deep inside your body until you are singing along. Or it provides the perfect outlet for a good mood when you can’t sit still. Kicks will be released on June 15th and if you just can’t wait, you can download "Dance with Me" here or catch them this Saturday June 12th at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dirty Clubs and Gritty Demos, Vol 26 - Terrible Things

From the ashes of Coheed and Cambria, Hot Rod Circuit, and Taking Back Sunday rises, Terrible Things. Terrible Things is a rock band that skillfully walks the thin line between rock, punk, and old school emo. Their music draws the listener in and the passionate lyrics keep them hanging on.

Terrible Things have been taking advantage of the internet and myspace to promote themselves in a way that wasn't available when their other bands were starting out. with only a demo and 7” (released for Record Store Day) released they have over 32,000 friends on myspace and well over 1 million plays of the two songs they have posted on their profile. Though they are indeed taking advantage of this new-fangled internet phenomenon they aren't relying on it, they have been out on the road to rave reviews.

All you New Yorkers can catch them this Thursday June 3rd at the Highline Ballroom, doors at 6pm. Supporting acts will be Anberlin and Story of the Year.

For the rest of the country, they will be doing a US tour through June before they join Warped Tour for a few dates in July and August.

For tour dates and some music to hold you you over until their record comes out later this summer, check out their myspace page,

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